Scale by Katerina Semenko

If one would tell you "I believe in you" and then "I believe in humanity", linguistically these two phrases are equal in their function, they are proportional. But the difference between them is a SCALE. If the first sentence is concrete and is a matter of "now and here" referring to a motivation on a personal level, the second is abstract, generalized and is stated as an attitude.

This leap from a concrete and immediate to a higher level of abstraction and generalization is a sphere of philosophical.

In other words, philosophy is an operation of universalities, which are general notions, a common characteristic of the class of objects, senses, or notions. 

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Golden and Silver Prizes received in renowned A'Design Award. by Katerina Semenko

Two top prizes from one of the most influential Design Award Competition in the World. A'Design Award honored our design with Golden and Silver Prizes. The projects are Uslon Swimwear (Gryaznov, Semenko) is for life-saving, while Danko Sweater is about live-inspiring.

A' Design Award and Competition is delighted to announce that the protective equipment design Uslon by Valery Griaznov and Katerina Semenko has been granted the renowned Golden A' Design Award at Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award Category.
A' Design Accolade is pleased to announce that the project Sweater Danko for People with Flaming Hearts by Katerina Semenko has been granted the prestigious Silver A' Design Award at Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.

lecture "Modest Doctrine of Designer Existence" by Katerina Semenko


My new design lecture "Modest Doctrine of Designer Existence", that will be on this Thursday, April 21st, 7pm to 9pm at 422 Richards St #300, Vancouver, BC.

"The chances of both us and the Earth being in existence in this universe are one out of billions, and yet we exist. Just as how nature creates life from nothing, the same great pieces of art such as Bach's Sonata BWV 1001, Tolstoy's War and Peace, and Raphael's Sistine Madonna are created among the prose and routine. Whether a miracle will happen or not, it is a designer's unspoken duty to continuously seek for the impossible. Otherwise, the salt will lose its saltiness."