Scale / by Katerina Semenko

If one would tell you "I believe in you" and then "I believe in humanity", linguistically these two phrases are equal in their function, they are proportional. But the difference between them is a SCALE. If the first sentence is concrete and is a matter of "now and here" referring to a motivation on a personal level, the second is abstract, generalized and is stated as an attitude. This leap from a concrete and immediate to a higher level of abstraction and generalization is a sphere of PHILOSOPHICAL. In other words, PHILOSOPHY is an operation of UNIVERASLITIES, which are general notions, a common characteristic of the class of objects, senses, or notions. Compare practical notion of "My 10-years old computer is obsolete" and philosophical "Computers are obsolete as an interim stage to a higher intelligence".

The leap from a concrete and immediate to a higher level of abstraction and generalization is a sphere of philosophical.

Thus, the Raphael's Madonnas can be observed as an example of philosophical scale in culture. While there might be a commercial aspect of why Raphael was commissioned to many one-genre paintings, he depicted all Madonnas in one manner, they all have the same generalized appearance, they are generalized to the level of universality. It can be interpreted as an admiration of motherhood rather than certain woman's beauty.  


In daily life, we operate on a "human scale" which means that we act within our physical, sensual and mental capacities. Regarding physical objects, we consider a chair as comfortable when its legs are 38-47 centimeters (15-18 inches) in height. On a sensual level, the temperature perceived as neutral when it is 21 °C (72 °F). On a mental level, we assume that an event with an occurrence probability of 0.000 000 000 000 000 001% (ten to the power minus eighteen) as impossible to happen, while on an astronomic scale it is as feasible number as 1 out of a Quintillion stars for example. And the living Earth is a realization of such a rare probability.                                                                                    

So, on a human scale, we tend to hate mundane routine, while technically it is a well-designed time-proofed algorithm of life. On an astronomical scale, without sentimentality, this "routine" is an extremely rare phenomenon. In this light, even a miserable substance of daily life can be re-considered (as valuable). At least, this use of ability to make mental leaps across scales of being is a realization of our specific faculty of mind. At most, considering more than one scale of reality creates a possibility for multi-dimensional philosophical attitude that can help to see life as a complex phenomenon.

In our studio, we set this big SCALE in the core of our design. We look at a Human as a Universal wonder. We advocate best humanistic qualities that may be humans' last "hello" for the next code-centered phase of EVOLUTION.