Katerina Semenko is Vancouver-based conceptual designer. She utilizes innovative transdisciplinarity approach for emotionally appealing and problem-solving design. She develops two main brunches of design service that are reflected in the slogan "Save soul and protect body". The first direction "to save soul" means designing projects that encourage people for passionate living through humanistic ideas implemented into products. The other direction of her work is projects that aim to solve real-life problems ranging from ecological to life-saving issues and they refer to the second part of the slogan "to protect body". Katerina produces creative design and concept development for industrial, fashion and environmental design.



A-Design Award, Golden Prize, Italy (2016).

A-Design Award, Silver Prize, Italy (2016).

Audi Best Practice Gallery Award, Russia (twice, 2013). 

Design & Design International Award, 18 works awarded, France (2009 - 2014).

1st Prize, Design Debut Competition, International Design School, Russia (2009). 

1st Prize, Space and Future of Humanity, Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, Czech Republic (2011).
2nd Prize, James Dyson Award for inventors, National Winner, Great Britain/Russia (2012).


A'Design Book of the Year, Como, Italy, 2015-2016

Ciappesoni, A. Top Design, Book of the Year, Milan House, 2015.

Praquin, M., The Design and Design, Book of the Year, Volume 3, 5, 6, 7, Index Books, 2009-2014.

Gimenez, M. European Product Design, Monsa Editor, 2013.


From Audi car brand to American politicians.